Corrosion Block multi-purpose Grease

Technologically advanced, high performance


Excellent for brake calliper sliders/pins, wheel spindles & bearings

  • Unique anti corrosion qualities
  • excellent extreme pressure properties
  • exceptionally long life at high temperatures

Even in applications where the grease is completely burned off, Corrosion Block forms little or no residue.

Maximum protection in extreme conditions, strongly resists water washout.

Both high & low temperature performance, increasing component life.

Corrosion Block:

  • excellent salt water resistance
  • will not soften, breakdown or wash out in wet applications
  • protects heavily loaded equipment and extends bearing life
  • excellent thermal stability
  • suitable for extended periods of operation at elevated temperatures
  • resists running, bleeding and softening at high temperatures
  • excellent for use in low temperature environments
    distinctive aqua colour
  • environmentally friendly

Corrosion Block can be purchased from Scorpion Tyres in a 454 gram tub only £10
(customer collection only mail order is not available)


Clean it with Sdoc 100, protect it with ACF-50 and grease it with Corrosion Block

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